About the Header

For 2015, I’m going in a different direction for my header. In the past, I’ve drawn inspiration from the beautiful and creative items from our holdings in the ethnology collection. This year, however, I’m feeling very connected to our institution and the stories that are yet to be told about our own history. The people who have crossed the threshold, as employees, as visitors, as collectors – their impressions and ideas are hidden away in the accession files, in the boxes of correspondence sitting on the shelves in our offices, in the file cabinets we rarely open.

As I move forward in my Ph.D. research this year, and in the coming years, I hope to uncover many of those stories. And in honor of those stories, for 2015 I feature a historical photo of the University of Alaska Museum, in her former home, Signer’s Hall on the UAF campus. This photo, by an unknown photographer, was given to me recently as part of my newly found and informal role of institutional historian. I hope to find many more in our files, to help me understand the changes our museum has undergone in her nearly 100-year-life.

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