Museums Advocacy Day 2014

Today is the 6th Annual Museums Advocacy Day, sponsored by AAM. Yesterday and today, museum professionals and supporters are gathering together in Washington D.C. to make the case for museums. This is a national effort to share the message that museums are essential (and therefore should be financially supported in ways similar to other “essential services” in our communities). In an attempt to reach our Alaskan legislators, Museums Alaska joined with the Alaska State Council on the Arts, the Alaska Humanities Forum, and the Alaska Historical Society to form CHAMP (Culture, Humanities, Arts, Museum Partners). Over several days, representatives from these organizations met together to learn about advocacy techniques, about each other’s priorities for 2014, and meet with legislators to communicate the essential role of these organizations to the well-being of our state.

Museums Alaska had as our number one priority, to develop new legislation to establish a matching grant program for museum capital projects, similar to the library program. Over these two days, we were able to find our own CHAMP, in Rep. Herron (Bethel). Introduced yesterday, House Bill 333 would establish a museum construction grant program. There’s still a lot of work to be done, but this first step is a major vote of confidence and improvement in the awareness of our legislators of the role museums play in our communities.

Take a minute today to tweet a comment #museumsadvocacy, post a photo on Facebook and use #museumsadvocacy to join in the online community! Museums are Essential!

My #museumselfie in the Denali Legacy exhibition at UAMN.

My #museumselfie in the Denali Legacy exhibition at UAMN.


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