Stories to tell…

Wow, so here I go… my first entry in my brand new blog. What do I have that’s worth talking about today? There are 16,000 individual objects in the collection I take care of and every single one of them has a story to tell that’s worth reading about. That’s what I hope to share on this blog.

Through these blog entries I’ll introduce you to the people and places behind these things that I spend countless hours caring for and describing in my database. They might include new acquisitions, through donations by generous members of the public, or pieces that have been in the collection for decades obtained by academics or purchased through funding supplied by the State (back in the 1980s)…

I also hope to share some of my inspirations that come though attending  meetings of museum professionals or academics – sessions that help rejuvenate me… after 15 years at the UA Museum of the North, sometimes one needs a bit of a picker-upper!

So there’s my first post world. Hopefully a few of you will join in to listen to the voices of these objects.

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